Life & Living

It’s funny how we get so caught up in trying to live a normal or prosperous or fulfilling life, that we forget to actually live.

If we are only here once, why do we spend so much time and effort on things that in the end won’t matter?

Is it a selfish vanity or perhaps foolish pride that encourages us to stick it to the ‘man’ and do all the things we think we should be doing but don’t actually want to do.

The happiest people aren’t always the richest, just like the richest aren’t always the happiest. It seems the people who live do three things better than anyone else.

They listen to that whispering voice in the back of their head.

They take risks knowing that in the end none of it really matters.

They follow their gut feeling.

Life is brief and while we need to work to pay bills and get by that shouldn’t be the reason for living, the reason for living should simply be to live.


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