A world at war.

People say the world is on the verge of war.

It’s quite troubling that so many think this way  and don’t stop to see the sad truth that the world and the people in it are always at war. So long as there is power to be had there will always be someone who wants it and is willing to go to any measure to get it.

A lot of us are very naive to this.

We live in our bubble and proceed to complain about the 8p increase in price on a 6 pack of beer, all the while at that exact moment somewhere in the world people are being killed for the purpose of someone gaining power.

I look out at the streets. They’re filled with early morning sunlight and free of worries for the people, so long as they don’t hear a conflicting opinion and become offended that is.

I’m sure they will take notice of how bad the world really is when it all fall on their doorstep, no amount of safe space will save them from reality when it comes knocking.


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