Buried Deep

You can bury it

Deep, so deep that you forget about it

And you will forget

But once you do there will be this strange feeling

A hollow feeling

You know something is missing

Something important

You continue to forget, and the feeling remains

The shadow of a face

A reminiscent feeling that stirs

Something or someone in the back of your mind, you’ll never really be sure which it is

It’s better that way

To forget is a blessing and a curse

So bury it deep if you want to forget

Just try not to think about that hollow feeling in your chest.

Which are you?

Day after day we post, some do it for fame, others for likes and shares, then some for nothing more than to appease the routine and get those cluttering thoughts out of our heads.

Then there’s who write to keep their sanity and displease the apathy.

Finally there is me, I write, nothing more.

Which are you?

Online Obsession

The real life matrix

A generation of people plugged in

People can’t survive without their daily fix

Once upon a time kids went out to play

Now they stay locked behind closed doors, plugged in never to stray


People can’t survive without their daily fix

Written from a laptop, connected online

Such is the ironic fate of the now web obsessed man kind.