No place like home

Around and around they go

Driving you mad

All the thoughts with nothing to show

One occasionally happy with the rest being sad

More more more

Always with what you want and never with what you had

So many thoughts make your head sore

Nowhere to belong

Twisting you out of shape deep down in your very core

Trying to block them out with instruments and song

Realising you’re alone

Wanting to give up, is that so wrong

That’s what life lessons have shown

You’re on your own with no place left to call your home.


How you imagined?

Is life how you imagined it would be?

Did it turn out the way you’d planned as a child

Filled with laugher, joy and times you called wild

Or has it been placid and grey, nothing more than dull and mild

Maybe you’ve ended up bitter, old, lonely and reviled

Life never pans out the way we wanted as a child

Is life how you imagined it would be?