In a world where we are constantly plugged in, walking is a welcome release but even that comes with a cost. It gives you time to think and thinking can be dangerous.

While each days emotion gets easier to control, there are always those moments when you can’t help but be caught in the endless waves.

In recent times there has been a notable separation between the emotional and rational sides of thought, with logic winning the majority of the time. Today it seems emotions are running high, especially those of anger and apathy, while not usually interchangeable, they seem to be transitioning well today.

It seems the walking that gave time for clarity of thought lead to only answers that weren’t wanted, despite the fact they’re the most logical. Funny how we champion logic until it doesn’t fit the way we want it.

The hope that this reprieve will last longer is fading by the hour. All the unfortunate changes are coming and there isn’t much to be done to stop them. This storm can be weathered or run from, but the choice will need to be made soon otherwise getting caught in its path an torn apart like rag doll will be inevitable.

We can stand and fight, or run for there is nowhere left to hide anymore. 


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