Emotional Wars

Psychological projection, what a fascinating thing.

This morning there was a captivating conversation that was rife with it, so much so it was almost delightful to watch. The mastery they had as changing their friends emotion, opinion and even their postural habits was amazing.

Yet that doesn’t mean it was a good thing.

In many conversations of late there has been a new element that’s revealed itself. It seems whom ever has the stronger emotional set is the one who governs the weaker, sways them to their will, makes them a carbon copy, if you will indulge the sentiment.

Having emotion is not a bad thing, it makes us human after all, yet when you see something like this, suddenly pieces start to fall in to place as to why people act the way they do around you.

It seems emotion is the subtle language that no one really knows how to speak, yet it is the one that will sway the tide of many a conversation for the majority of people. It is only when you are largely devoid of emotion, no, aware of your own emotional fragility, that you can be unswayed by such a thing.

The cold steel of logic and truth cuts through a great many things, but with that clarity comes a price. A lonely price indeed.

The yearning to understand this is overwhelming. To know, it’s lust is insatiable.

If logic was an emotion, we’d all be lonely.


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