The Feed

You troll the Instagram feed

Self loathing begins to breed 

Your worthless self wants, no, needs

The attention others get on their Instagram feed. 

One or Nothing

Which one are you?

The pretty one

The confident one

The cool one

The intelligent one

The funny one

The sporty one

The rich one

The one who always has it easy

Which one were you?

Can you notice the trend with all of these?

There are plenty of other ‘ones’, other roles that we fall in to and never ┬áreally escape.

Some are destined to live in the shadows of others, giving them the ideas and noteworthy gems in the hope that their gift will be rewarded. It never is.

You also find that the part you’re assigned to play never changes, so long as you stay int he same place you always have.

How many people do you know that are still stuck in the same place, complaining about the same things they always have, without any sign of breaking away from that place because it’s all they know.

The people who were the favoured ‘ones’ often don’t say a bad word about what they have because it’s easy for them, those who say nothing but ill will, those are the rest, the ones who struggled, who weren’t clever, sporty, pretty or fun. They were the outcasts, only good for one thing, embarrassment and humiliation, for your amusement.

If you were one of the above, you probably had a joke or several at the expense of the others, but will you ever admit it?

Often times, if you’re not one, you’re nothing.

So tell me…

Which one are you?