More Like the Other.

I always found my self resonating with the anti-heroes in films, books, comic and cartoons. Their struggle of always being one step behind was something that felt very familiar.

One such person I found a kinsman in was Vegeta of the Dragon Ball Series.

His strife, determination, unrelenting determination to surpass his rival, all of these traits I felt they were mine.

I took someone close to me who has always been one step ahead to the place I train in the varying arts and something took me by complete surprise, his attitude. He took a friendly beating that was at nothing more than a friendly pace but it caused a lot of internal turmoil. While I expected him to be like the protagonist and accept the lesson in defeat, he went the other way and became engaged with his failure, or at least a failure as he saw it.

There have been plenty of these lessons for me over the years and each time there has been something worth taking away from them, but more importantly there was never any ill will, there was respect, even if they were my enemy. The fact that accepting that not all battles are meant to be, or can even realistically be won was something shown to me years ago. It seemed he had never had this lesson because all of the larger majority being easy prey.

There is still plenty of hope the lessons will be learnt and growth will occur. In fact I’m sure one the ego subsides they will be.

As for my lesson, it was one I never thought would come my way. It showed me that while I feel more like Vegeta, in fact I’m more like Goku than I thought, at least for that brief moment and aspect of my life. Now I can aim to blend to two and further grow as a person.