A Nutshell

Young, talented, full of enthusiasm and vigour.

Will their life be blessed with success and continuity or will the inevitable hard times, pressure and adversity crush them?

Only time will hold that answer, for all the logical predications that could be made there is literally no way of knowing. It’s the not knowing that causes so many to falter and fall at the upcoming hurdles. Then agin, if you knew what was coming what would you really gain?

There are those among us who find themselves born with a sliver spoon, wanting for nothing, trying for nothing. It’s all easy, they reap the rewards of the seeds soon by their parents and predecessors without any real thought of what went in to sowing them. All they know is entitlement, such is the curse of those who never need try.

On the other side of that coin is the rest of us, still born of the first world, so we don’t really know any hardship, we just think we do. Life will seem harder and bitterness, jealousy and resent will set in because of the slightly tougher hand that has been dealt in these modern times. The funny thing is that’s how it has always been, that’s how it will always be. Think back to Kings, Queens, Nobles and Peasants, not much has changed, not really.

What differences do we really have?

What would it really matter if it was any different?

Different isn’t better or worse it’s just different.

The wealthy get richer and the poor get poorer, those who struggle will always struggle history in a nutshell, life in a nutshell.