New Years Day

With the beginning of a new year brings the same words as it did the year before.

So many people saying the same senseless drivel they did at the start of the previous year and I suspect their fortunes will be the same as they were before.

Perhaps I have really become so cold to it all that I can’t see past the negative barrier infant of me, or maybe I’m just being realistic and stating the pattern that always reoccurs around this time of year.

There are plenty of well meaning words but it seems that for them to come to fruition a change in ones mindset and core is required, which as well all know is the hardest thing to set in to motion. I am as guilty as the next person for this. It’s a tall order to change core values because over time they are not just something people believe, they become that person or the person becomes that belief, you can decide which is more fitting.

That said, I keep my views and musings confined here for the most part because I know they will just be words that get lost in the ether and won’t cause any innocence to anyone, although the occasional keyboard warrior will find something to take offence, it’s just how it is these days. As for everyone else, they simple scan past because I choose not to put up catchy titles, flashy photos or any other click bait because that’s not why I write on here. I do it for a release, a peace of mind, an escape. That is all.

Being the first day of 365 I do wonder what curve balls it has waiting for me and how many of them I will in fact create myself because of that self destructive nature that I encompass . It’s funny really, I feel to some degree we are all the arbiter of our own troubles for the most part, however the knowledge of why this happens is a gift granted to me, it’s because unless it’s all falling apart there is no feeling, no life, no struggle, no purpose for going on.

Everyone wants to feel, it doesn’t matter what. People just want to feel something and as a result they cause their own problems and ironically never realise that they can also be the catalyst for their own happiness if they were so inclined to desire it enough.

Anyway, Happy New Year to any and all who read these jumbled up letters that form instructed words and nonsensical sentences. May this year hold everything you deserve.