The funny thing about obsession 

It’s that you don’t know you’re obsessed. 

Where will we be?

Do you ever wonder where the world will be in 50 years?

As the days go on it’s an ever more increasing thought that makes its way through the halls of daily musings.

What will cause the change?

Will it be an individual or perhaps the blind masses.

Regardless, change is coming, chaos is coming.


We Plunge

The world plunges towards insanity

It’s close to its breaking point

While the  blame will rest on one persons shoulders

It will fall because of many

It will fall because of all of us

We have all failed our Earth

Greed and selfish pride took over

We forget what really mattered and now all we can do is sit back and watch as it all falls apart.


We arrived at the same time

I was sat alone

They were together

They left before me

Not more than 6 words exchanged between them

Engrossed in their phones they were


Some people worry about the impeding apocalypse, where the dead will rise and walk the earth in their mindless hoards

I fear they already walk among us, chained to their phones,

Are you a zombie too?

Internal growth

Internal growth is something everybody benefits from, yet not everyone seeks this.

So many are quite content with staying s they are, never questioning their beliefs, values or morals to see if they are just or not.

The age of the individual is fading fast, smothered by the waves of idealists who want everyone to bow to their wills.

It makes you wonder if we will ever break this trend, or simply regress in to nothing.