The older we get the more time we seem to spend on our own contemplating our thoughts.

Thinking about the choices we’ve made and the ones we could still make, yet the more thinking we do the heavier our head begins to feel.

With each passing thought the swift realisation of how cold and uncaring we can be dawns on us, or at least that’s the case on this end of the screen.

Often the wish to be born in another time flashes by in the minds eye, but what difference would it make, really?

Would being born in the days akin to the stories of King Arthur and his knights really be a inspiring as we have bene lead to believe? Would being around in the times of feudal Japan really give us the alluring life of the Ronin?

Perhaps the simple fact is that we are simply ungrateful for what we have and just take it all for granted.

I can’t tell anymore and that is why much time is spent pondering, trying to fid a reason to justify a meaningless existence that will do nothing but fade to the sands of time and be forgotten a swiftly as it was experienced.

If you’re innocent, you’re a fool.

If you’re wise, you’re not long for this world.

If you’re who you want to be, you’re a selfish coward.

If you’re nothing, nothing is all you will ever be.

Ugh… I grow tired of this, of all of this.

I wonder who else feels the same?

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