Valhalla is waiting…

Again I fall under the fire of scrutiny.

As we grow form our experiences and learn just how fragile the world and its people in it are. Long gone are the days of thick skins and jovial chatter because today everyone is offended by absolutely everything.

I fear for the children growing up in this, the modern world. There is no sense freewill left, there is only censorship because words hurt, even when they are nothing to do with who they hurt. People take it upon themselves to be offended for others when they really have no need to do so, all in an effort to be altruistic.

Surely there must be more people like me?

Surely the numbers of those with common sense and the mental capacity to see things for what they are haven’t dwindled and become so thin as to be completely forgotten, have they?

Too many are made out to be bad people when that is not the case, context has fallen from peoples vision and all that is left is fear. A fear so large that they will condemn anyone who doesn’t conform.

Now I know what so many people of a certain age when asked ‘how they are’ always answer with “I’m okay, just tired” or something of a similar effect. People will see it as being physically tired when in reality they’re tired mentally of dealing with the hypersensitive nature of our now modern world.

Finding Valhalla can’t come soon enough for this tired person who’s thoughts you read trapped in this place.