We get it.

Social media is the modern day equivalent of whispering behind peoples backs in the school playground.

All the videos, statuses and subtle digs of how great a persons life is and how much better off they are in their new circumstance is so very sad. It seems that they have nothing better to do with their lives than attempt to prove how they have moved on and become strong, when in fact the opposite is true. Their posts are proof of that.

Behind the face of the angel is a scared child crying in the corner because of the momentous rejection they suffered at the hands of what they wanted more than anything else in the whole world.

We get it, you’re happy. We can see all your attempts to ascertain instant gratification and confirmation that you’re a special little snowflake. Now get over yourself and actually focus on creating moments that are so personal and special that you wouldn’t want to share them with anyone other than your significant other, let alone the entire fake world of Facebook.

We have truly devolved as a species.