Freedom, an interesting word.

Do you understand what it means, or do you hold your own perception.

Most people don’t want freedom, they want to have no responsibility, that’s their freedom. They’d stay in the same place, the same situation if it meant they have no responsibilities, but it doesn’t make them free, it just makes them irresponsible.

Perhaps no one will ever really be free until they understand just how much responsibility would come with that title.

Freedom, an interesting word indeed.

The Recipe

She is 5,4′

With strawberry blonde hair

And leaf green eyes

A smile a natural as the sun

And a mind as sharp as a razors edge

A heart a big as the world itself

And a passion for life unlike any other

With a love for those things that make her life difficult in every way

She is a recipe for disaster.

Be Grateful

Be grateful for what you have

Just before you go to whine internally about something tomorrow

Remember some people have to spend Christmas in a war zone or worse

Be grateful for what you have because one day you might be in their position.

Merry Christmas all.


Like many others I enjoy writing words that get lost in the vast abyss of cyber space because I know that no one I know will read them.

It’s a place to clear your head and leave those worries behind, rather than letting then fester in the mind.

I’ve  read some amazing things from people, each with their own unique look on life. Some do it for the attention, others to share the memory and a few do it because they want to share a secret that can only be shared with strangers.

It’s easy to hide behind a screen.

Old Couple

An elderly couple sit across from each other

Their hands meeting in the middle, their wedding rings old and wore clanging tother as they play

Their eyes locked on one another

Their behaviour playful and gay, much like teenagers in the ever coveted honeymoon period

These two, they had found it, what everyone wants

They found a way to make it last

They found a way

If they can, so can you.