Of all the sins Greed is by far the most misunderstood

Pride is boastful but weak when it’s called out

Envy will bring others down so it doesn’t have to feel inferior anymore

Gluttony is child like in its attitude

Sloth finds living too much to cope with, it’s depression incarnate

Wrath only thrives when it has to survive

Lust will go where the validation is

But Greed, now Greed wants what it wants, but what it wants might not always be for selfish reasons, as strange as that sounds

Greed, so misunderstood.



Growing Old

It’s amazing how much people capture and document in photos, especially considering they’ve achieved so little.

As I take the time to scroll past the endless ‘love these guys’ and ‘omg! So happy.’ I lose faith. It seems happiness is now defined by how many likes you have. 

Then we have the ones who leave breadcrumbs to follow ‘I did so much for you, you just didn’t know it’ & ‘hate life right now’ or phrases to a similar effect. It drive me nuts.

If you’re happy, good for you. If your sad, you have my sympathy. If you think the world cares, you’re wrong. In trying to be different and prove a point you’ve simply become like everybody else.

I think I’d rather take fire and brimstone over false fluffy social media nonsense of today. 

Ground Coffee

Amongst the sounds, sights and smells

Freshly ground coffee beans, carrot cake and young loves blossom

All the smalls things that people fail to see

All the sounds, sights and smells

How pleasant they are

Hopeful, full of glee

Amongst the sounds, sights and smells

Freshly ground coffee beans, carrot cake and young loves blossom

A Fools Errand

It’s funny really.

All this time, if I look back at my life, I can see I’ve been running from everything. All in an attempt to fulfil my own selfish endeavours and it has cost me much, so much so that I don’t really have anything left and I still don’t have what I thought I wanted.

Quite a steep price really for a fool errand.

As each day passes I can feel everything catching up with me and it won’t be long before it comes full circle and I will have no choice but to deal with the repercussions of my actions. I will face all those people I left behind, every person who got hurt along the way of my self indulged journey and finally the one person who would have loved me unconditionally will only see me with pure hatred. All of which will be deserved and all I can do is prepare myself for the inevitable.

I suppose when all is said and done the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and in the process of trying to be something other than what I was always going to be I’ve ended up there anyway, repeating the same mistakes made so long ago and the worst part is I knew I was making every single one of them.

Of all the sins that could govern me, greed was truly a fitting one.

Life’s cruel fate , it’s sick joke that it doesn’t tell you. You don’t have a choice in who you are, not at the core, all you can do is hope to put on a mask each day and pray it doesn’t crack and no one ever gets to see what is underneath it.