The lady in red, she had beautifully dark hair and eyes you could lose yourself in.

We locked eyes and for the first time in a long time, it didn’t feel awkward.

We shared several smiles.

Was there something there? A mutual attraction? Or was I just seeing what I wanted to see… Either way I was true to my cowardly nature and did nothing.

I never used to be this scared of taking chances, even if I was wrong I would brush it off and walk away with a smile, but now… Now it’s too crushing to think of how I would deal with the rejection I used to handle with ease. Now… It would bury me.

What has happened? When did I become like this? What has changed me so much?

Who has changed me so much…

The epitome of fear. That’s what I’ve become. Trapped in the endless unrealised realities, unable to see the way out.

I gave away too much. I lost myself and even though I pretend to be okay, I’m not. I’m lost, damaged, a frighten child in a body beyond the minds years.