Actions of Old

The feeling of being utterly helpless and unable to stop the the actions of another is sickening.

I have had my share of these  moments throughout the years and watched the consequences come flooding in.

Life is always full of regrets but the worst are those that cause an innocent to suffer. I do wonder how long it will take for the world to catch up and what will happen when it does.


Minds Sea

In the sea of thoughtless ramblings there is no calm

Only storms…

Steadfast sailor, hold on a little longer, they will all come to an end soon.

Little Village 

This quaint little village 

It’s so peaceful

Frozen in time 

It’s a haven of serenity and calm

Once removed from everything 

It’s quiet, too quiet 

For someone like me, who seeks silence amidst crowds 

This place… the one people wish they could live 

It’s too peaceful for someone like me