Answers I Knew

I searched for the answers I knew all along

Here I stand

A broken man

Will you take my hand and drag me down?

I have nothing left

The fighting never ends

But I’ll face the dark without you

What choice do I have

I have to face the truth.

Was it ever yours?

To be denied the things you want most is not life being unfair. It’s the result of the life you’ve lived so far. The people you’ve pushed away, the people you’ve hurt, the friends that got left behind, the paths and chances you never took. They’re all the reason you’re denied now.

It is tempting to mourn the loss we think we’re losing, but what is the loss of something we never had? Is it real loss or just the loss of an idea? Regardless of which it is you must remember that you never had it in the first place so you can’t let it consume you.

People will always miss wha they never had because they think it’s better than what they’ve currently got, even if it isn’t, that’s just how people work.

Real Comfort 

You can be surrounded by people, but feel totally alone. A victim of your own self created circumstance and no matter how hard you try to change that circumstance, it never happens.

Comfort comes is the strangest forms. Many would argue they don’t want what they have but if that was true they wouldn’t keep making the same mistakes or choices. Lately I’ve begun to see my failed efforts and endeavours repeating themselves. 

It’s easy to get trapped in your unique form of self punishing comfort, no matter how uncomfortable you say it is.