People only want to hear what they already believe. No one every really wants the truth.



To drive along the open roads 

No set direction to go, or destination for a selfie show

Just driving until the fuel runs out

It reminds me of life, we keep going because it’s all we know. 


While pain is far from pleasant

I’d rather be in pain than dead on the inside 

So many lifeless eyes walk past me

So many died long ago

Pain isn’t so bad, if you’re in pain it means you’re still alive. 

Shadows & Purpose

Those born with glorious purpose hide in the shadows

While those born in the shadows strive to step in to the light

The strong & the good have fear in their hearts

The evil & the cruel know none

This is why the world as we know it collapses around us

This is why the good ones left are few in number

Step out of the shadows

Step in to the place you belong.