The Treadmill of LifeĀ 

The treadmill is the perfect analogy of the sad life people live when they stay in their comfort zone. 

Think about it.

Each day they step in and start running but not matter how much effort they put in they will never leave the place they’re in. 

Each day they will watch and become envoious of all those who’ve got ‘better genetics’ or what ever bollocks excuse they make up to save their ego and comfort their own insecurities. 

Each day they will never get what they want because at the end of every session on the treadmill the stop and stand looking forwards towards what they want but they will always step backwards and get off. Just like in life. Endless wasted effort because they’re not strong enough to move out of what they know and do something different. 

Each day people die in their comfort zone. Don’t be one of them.