The Bubble

Then, just like that, it hits you.

You’ve become one of them.

I used to sit and see all the same faces and wonder what kept them in their routine. What kept them doing the same things over and over again.

As time went on the faces changed and then the irony hit. I am the person I used to see, sitting alone in a world of their own, totally immersed in their routine and now I know what it happens.

No one thinks they’re in a routine, a bubble of protection, a rut… We all feel we are living life dynamically and taking each chance that befalls us, when in reality we avoid anything that is not familiar. We delude ourselves in to thinking we are waiting, planning the next big thing when we’re not. We are simply waiting out life, living it as we always did until we eventually die.

One who I didn’t see, even though she was right there in front of me has done the impossible and booked a 1 way ticket to a new life with no plan. She leaves behind the stability, the routine, the bubble and embarks on what many of us dream of doing, or at least we like to say that’s our dream.

Nothing is holding us back, not really. We stay because we are scared, scared of change, scared of what could be, scared of failing and having to return ashamed to the people we left behind who will look at us with pity and behind their eyes we can see “I knew they wouldn’t last long.” we are weak, I am weak.

Perhaps it’s time to stop talking about it and take that first step…

Born Broken

“It’s not your fault.”

“The divide was already there, between your mother and I. You were the product of a selfish act based on a lie.”

“You were born broken and no amount of projects, meaningless relationships or possessions will ever make you feel complete.”

“It’s just not who you are.”

“Sorry, kid.”

Bread Crumbs

Can you see it? 

How can you not

The bread crumbs are there 

Yet so easy to miss, easily forgot 

But they are still there

Look close and you’ll see them to 

Then you’ll realise, your secrets aren’t only known by you. 


To drive along the open roads 

No set direction to go, or destination for a selfie show

Just driving until the fuel runs out

It reminds me of life, we keep going because it’s all we know.