Random Words

People don’t like being read.

It leaves them exposed, they try to pull back and hide but that only shows more of who they are.

I can see the look in their eyes. The one that says “You don’t know me!” and every time there are no surprises, it’s easy to see why I have very few friends. Nobody likes being an open book, or having their privacy invaded, even if it is in a metaphorical sense. However it’s not those who close off you have to worry about, it’s those who have nothing to hide.

Over the years I’ve seen good people and people that have left me frozen with fear because of how ‘different’ they are. Once someone has crossed that line they change and how the majority can’t tell this is worrying because they are proud, especially since they’re still roaming free.

Yesterday I walked past a person who gave agent nod but their very presence felt heavy, crushing, suffocating… It’s been so long since I felt something like that it made me stop and think about how oblivious the majority really are.

We live in a ‘safe’ place or should I say we live in an oblivious one. So much so that you don’t really know who’s walking past you, scary huh.

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