Wrong to want more?

Is it wrong to want more out of life?

It seems to be very frowned upon. You’re treated as ungrateful for what you have, even if that’s not the case. People case their judgement because usually if you want more in life it means they will have less than you and people, in my experience, hate playing second fiddle because it must always all be about them. Maybe I’m just too cynical, who knows.

There is no illusion that what ever mental stability was jilted a long time ago, only to be further disrupted by physical illness. As melodramatic as it sounds, I feel this is my penance for all the hurt I’ve caused and while it is hard to life with I have come to accept it because it’s no less than is deserved, however that won’t stop me wanting more from life. Perhaps that my pattern… to always want more and never be satisfied, greed truly is my dominant sin.

I don’t want what others, I simply want more of what means something to me.

Are you happy, content with what you have? Don’t you ever want more or is it just people like me who feel this way?