Dazed and confused 

We stumble through this life

Not sure which way to go

Maybe left, maybe right

Make a choice, don’t waste the time, it will all be over before you know 


Why so serious? 

Add a little anarchy 

Break free your chains 

Thicken your skin 

Live for today and what is, not for tomorrow and what might be.


When I die, I won’t be remembered. My name will not be etched in history, there will be no monuments or statues in my honour. There will only be the whisper on the wind of a live well lived. 

Never Ending 

I was s nice guy, once

I fell in love with a bitch who broke my heart 

I became an ass hole

Then a nice girl fell in love with me, her heart I did break 

Now she’s a bitch who’s with a nice guy

It won’t be long until he becomes an ass hole

He will find a nice girl and turn her in to a bitch 

On and on it will go

The never ending cycle of bitches, ass holes and broken hearts.