“What’s your dream?”

“I want to become a hero”

“That’s good, unachievable dreams are the best kind.”

A short script that has stayed with me for years. I often think about those words and what they mean, or at least my own interpretation of what they mean. I guess for some it means the glory, adulation, praise, respect and fame that comes with such title, which people will do anything to achieve, so long as it’s easy enough to walk away without a scratch.

To me a hero is that person you see on the street who no longer values their own life because they’d be willing to sacrifice it to give someone else a chance at a life they want to live. Most real heroes are lost to the cause they choose to follow, a sacrifice, the risk their own lives everyday because they value everyone else’s life more than their own. Perhaps that is the only real selfless act in the world.



If death is only the beginning, life is simply a prelude. Don’t take it so seriously, after all, the journey has only just begun.

The Heart.

“What’s left? Not much. The rest has been lost along the way, much like a lot of other people. A piece of yours will always be with me and the next person and the next after that and so on. Eventually you’ll look back at where all the pieces went and put what you have left together with the other persons and make a whole one again. That’s the essence of the heart.”