Too Much Thinking

There is only so much thinking we can do before it drive us mad.

So many different things that come to mind about how & why it all happens, not to mention all the opportunities that’ve come and gone with each different choice made over time. There has been those times the normal has come and gone, much like clockwork it comes around, it’s strange that so many people seek what seems to fall on my door step every few years and selfishly I always want more…

Foolishly I fell long ago to the fallacy of the happy ending. You know, the one you see in movies. The unrealistic dream that it all will just fall in to place one day with that person who I can talk to and they will be on the same page, not look back at me with a false look that they often use to get by when they don’t really know what to say.

I guess we get what we set ourselves up for, which is the same as it has always been.