Old Song

    So many memories in one song. It’s hard to think that was all over two years ago now because it stills as vivid as the day it happened when I think back. 

Listening to the words as each is sung, I can see things from a different angle now. While they speak of longing, they also scream out ‘I am punishing you for hurting me.’ And I never heard that them that way before.

    So many days have passed and I still keep those memories safe, not allowing myself to forget because I just don’t want to. It’s pathetic really.

Even though it’s clear what I was, it’s still hard to let go. 

    It’s still there. The stabbing that hits you in your chest. At least my physical degradation kept my mind occupied for a while and now I need to find something else to do the same, lest I dwell on the past.

What a sorry state of affairs the mind leaves us in eh.