Bell Curve

Why is it that we sit and watch the world go by always wishing we had more but never moving fro out seat to go and get more?



Or is it for some other reason?

Perhaps we spend so long lusting after what we can’t have we forget to purse what we can. As with anything there is always  cost that needs to be paid. Some costs are high, while others not so much,but regardless there is always a cost. Some sell friendships, others respect and those rare few who make it big sell who they were for the chance to become something they’re not, or rather something they’ve always wanted to be.

Would you be willing to pay such a price?

We all start off good and become worn down over time by the monotony of life and the simple unchanging fact that it’s not fair but then again it never was, nor was it ever meant to be. If life was fair everyone would be equal and there would be no struggles for power, land money or praise. Oh no… there would only be people who want to help each other and share in their success. People willing to give back to one another and fulfil that void and in essence learn what i means to be a part of a species.

I feel that sometimes we forget that we are all one in the same., well, physiologically anyway. Of course there will always be outliers, those genetic anomalies who fall outside the bell curve and will either cause great pain or seek to improve the world for the better.

Huh… I never looked at it like that before.



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