The early mornings sun mixed with winters chill can be quite serene when you’re the only person awake so experience it. 

Even in this urban jungle there are still plenty of natures creatures to remind us it’s not bad all the time. 


What once was a privilege 

Is now entitlement without appreciation

Life is no longer yours

It’s owned by what ever you value most

Money, possessions, power and many more

You will trade your life for even a slither of them

But in the end you’ll learn it wasn’t worth it. 


I feel quite drained today. Much like you’d expect to feel after a long uphill struggle, yet there is no reason for this, logically.

Is my body giving up again? Did I push it too far again? Even though I thought the struggles where behind me it seems there are more minor inconveniences for me to face.

Such is life.


Old Thoughts.

Now that’s something I’ve not felt in a long time. A ver long time.

That nervous flutter in the pit of your stomach

The dilation of your pupils

The quiver in your voice

The racing of your mind as you try to think

Time to take a chance.


Today I learnt how ungrateful we, the people, truly are.
I was sat on the train and was asked (along with some other people) to move seats as a wheelchair was coming abroad. 
I was the only one to move. 
Sitting comfortably on the floor I see the man wheeled in, unable to speak or do anything for himself. I’m sure he didn’t want any pity and possibly didn’t even know the meaning of the word but I can’t help but admit it was sad to see. A life wasted and one that would have been better never lived. 
We moan about so much but at least we have that option. The man in the wheelchair had no say in anything.
The next time you or I think we have it tough it would be worth remembering him. 

Passing On.

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to apply some of the lessons I’ve learn from various religions and practices. The most prevalent is to pass something on, something helpful or ‘good’ for lack of a better word. All for no other reason than because I want to do it.

After all, you don’t need a reason to help people, however we’d be telling lies if we didn’t admit that it made us feel better seeing someone else smile because of something we did, even selfless acts are not selfless but at least they can be a benefit to both parties.

What will you pass on today?