Peaceful Night

Such a peaceful night it is

Like a mill-pond without motion

The gentle breeze comforts the weary traveler 

It guides them to a place of peace

And while  it will not last, all the brevity will be held as long as possible

For peace, no matter how short, is still what we all long for. 



To strive for the balance

Light & Dark

Redeemer & Destroyer

Angel & Devil

One must always be sacrificed in the end

There can be no balance for it would drive one in to the depths of madness.


As I sit wondering, pondering, thinking about the world

I hear new lies each day as they’re told

By our leaders, heroes, villains and friends

Soon trust will be broken, never able to mend

Ever closer draws that day

So I sit wondering, pondering, thinking about the world, still with nothing to say.

Devine Intervention or Coincidence 

Short moments ago I wrote about waiting for Devine intervention, just now two men of faith approach me fro out of the blue and offer to listen to my problems.

A coincidence or and act of the Almighty?

Is that it’s way of showing a subtle hint of its presence and how it heard my silent cries of frustration or was it just an accident and dumb luck? 

Such remote probability of  such an event does make you wonder. Maybe, just maybe there is more to it all. 

Either way I’ve not been showered with fortune or faith, thus I will keep moving forwards because I’ve got no other choice. 

True Jealousy 

Am I really that bitter and jealous? 

All for wanting what I’ve worked hard for when so many others have the same handed to them on a sliver platter.

No mater what is asked I will always attempt to give as best I can, yet time and again my reward is a slap in the face and it’s starting to wear thin now.

Why is it so many others get it all so dam easy? I can’t fathom their luck at times. Especially when I know how much has been given to them and how little appreciation they have for it because they expect such things.

How much longer do I have to wait for even a fraction of what others are given on a whim. 

How much longer do I have to wait before some Devine intervention finally sees fit to throw me mere scraps.

How much longer? 

I guess I have become bitter and jealous over the years. I’ve become filled with nothing but contempt for all those who squander their gifts and graces they’re given because they don’t understand the value of what they have. 

I’m so tired of this world and how we, the people take it and everything all for granted.

Such is the view of a bitter and jealous individual. 


If there is one truth that rules over all people it is this one.

People want, no they need to feel important. Be that through sexual gratification, martyrdom or any other act, they do so and earn their place among the stars.

This truth is one that people seek so desperately that they will run head on in the the arms of insanity to find their place of importance.

Don’t believe me?

Look back at some of histories more important people and you will find they gave themselves exalted titles to please their ego and gain the sense of importance they so desired. We humans are both strong and weak, all you need is to know what importance they seek and you can crumble even the strongest among us.