Ego & Pride

Ego and Pride are so easily wounded, aren’t they. 

A friend today was stricken with strife because of being suddenly cut off. No warning, no hint, the apple of their eye suddenly went cold. 

“What have I done wrong?”

“Why do they show interest and then suddenly stop?”

“What do I do wrong?”

I find things like this amuse me because people will act the same towards those they don’t have much interest in once the initial lust is over. Yet, they never give a reason, they just assume their you will accept it and get over the rejection but when it happens to them the world suddenly become a cruel place.

My answer is simple; 

“Perhaps they just weren’t that in to you. Think of the people you’ve brushed off in the past in the same way. I guess you might not be so dismissive in the future eh?.”

How’s that for irony. 

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