They say everyone has a twin. A doppelgänger.

Today I saw a woman much like someone I used to be very close to. Her face was the same, her smile, her eyes, even the way she laughed, everything…

While this is not the twin of who many would think it would be it was the one after. The one who I felt was a guiding light. Someone who seemed to understand, someone who I thought was on the same level but that was just wishful thinking. She was a good person, it seemed that a future for us was just not written in the stars.

As I sit and glance over at this reflection of her the only real difference is the colour of her hair. I wonder if that is the only difference? Maybe she has the same traits, the same loves, same hopes, same dreams, oh how I wonder. It would be easy to simply walk over and stake up a conversation, that is if I wasn’t trapped in my own head.

I wonder what other twins of people I will see in my life.


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