Selflessly Selfish

We may not try to be selfish, it’s just an unavoidable part of the human condition. While a great many people will disagree with me it’s the truth, not just from my perspective either. It’s just the truth.

Think about it for a second. Why do we, humans, do anything if not to earn validation or appease ourselves in some way? Even having children is done because it’s something we WANT. True you will protect your child at any const and do for them what every you can, perhaps that is the one selfless act… or  maybe we do it because we want to look back when we are on our death bed and think “I did that for them, I gave them everything. I was a good parent.” So is devoting our life to another really selfless when considered from a different perspective?

I believe we don’t need a reason to help people, I always have. Yet there is a subtle sense of irony in that because helping others makes us feel better.

What has prompted this train of thought? A friend wanted to do something for another friend, yet all of their actions are based on what they themselves want and not what the other person does. While the intention is good, it screams a deep sense of internal instability and that insatiable need to seek approval. Well, in my eyes anyway.

We all want something and we will always give to get it, consciously or not.


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