Blink & Miss

Why is it that people seem hell bent of dragging up her memory.

Can’t I be left in peace? 

When will people understand the reason I steer clear of such talk is for nothing more than the simple fact that my heart still and always will belong to her…

It pains me when they make comments in jest. While I shrug them off and act as if nothing is wrong, all I then have to do is fight off images of a future where she is once again smiling but it’s not with me, despite how she knows that I would always be there for her. Perhaps that’s the problem, she knows that fact and just like a you a child desires and casts aside once owned I have met the same fate.

It’s times like these that the ignorance of people frustrates me. They talk of things they do not yet understand, not are they likely too. 

Why haven’t I truly moved on some may ask… Well I’d rather be alone than led next to someone I’m not in love with. Why waste someone else’s life when I know that the necessary feelings jus aren’t there. In this modern world people settle out of a desire to have it all, yet in doing this they forgo any chance of real happiness.

What is ‘real’ happiness’? 

It’s in a moment. You blink and it’s gone, no second chances. 

Real happiness is something you know, not something you think you know. 

Right now. I just want to be left alone. 


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