Moments of Silence

It’s moments like this

The times where we sit in a silence, lost in thoughts that block out the noise around us that we realise

Through all the days that have pasted and all the choices we have made

We realise just how much we have failed those who need us the most

We have failed them

No matter how much we ignore it

It’s undeniable

Our punishment comes in the form of our dreams and self sabotaged futures

We blame any and all when in reality we do it to ourselves because we feel the need to be punished for what we have done

We say we are sorry

Sorry seem to be the hardest word, yet it does not change the past nor does it fix the future

Sorry is nothing more than adorning the guise of regret and remorse

Truth is we know we have failed and it can’t be changed but we selfishly continue down that road regardless

This is the truth… My truth

I have failed them all.



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