Whatever, Wherever, Whenever 

Do you ever just wake and and think “That’s it. I don’t want to do this anymore.” Or is it just me? 

People will say that we can go anywhere, do anything, be anything, all we have to do is have the desire for it. What they forget is that when your troubles are internal, when they’re in your head that no matter where you go, what you do or who you become, you will still feel the same. 

Living is such a pain. 


Smile loves him knowing he sees her as a friend, yet she will always hope

But her loves her knowing she sees him as nothing more than he already is, yet he will always hope as well

And She loves someone else entirely, completely oblivious to the feelings of her friends

Such is the love triangle.


They say everyone has a twin. A doppelgänger.

Today I saw a woman much like someone I used to be very close to. Her face was the same, her smile, her eyes, even the way she laughed, everything…

While this is not the twin of who many would think it would be it was the one after. The one who I felt was a guiding light. Someone who seemed to understand, someone who I thought was on the same level but that was just wishful thinking. She was a good person, it seemed that a future for us was just not written in the stars.

As I sit and glance over at this reflection of her the only real difference is the colour of her hair. I wonder if that is the only difference? Maybe she has the same traits, the same loves, same hopes, same dreams, oh how I wonder. It would be easy to simply walk over and stake up a conversation, that is if I wasn’t trapped in my own head.

I wonder what other twins of people I will see in my life.


I suppose you never really think that day will come. You know, when you walk past each other without noticing.

The excuse of being submursed in ones phone is a viable one, but if I believed that I’d be as naieve as the rest of them. 

We saw each other, you just chose to ignore. It’s a saddening thought, given what once was. 

On that day it was all lost and the true meaning of giving up was finally understood.