We are born in the dark to be bathed in the light

Our life is coin that spins between the two

It will land but on which side is pure chance

We can’t change who we are at our core

All we can do is accept.


42 thoughts on “Coins

  1. I don’t believe in determinism but a free will. Change in inevitable in human life. We aren’t static predestined tools of wrong or right.

    • I appreciate your view, what we will find though is that our choices are often as they are meant to be. What happens just ‘is’ and that’s where you realise it couldn’t have happened any other way, it was as it is meant to be, so to speak.

      • Definitely not agree with this πŸ˜‰ There are myriad of possible choices to be bade and it is not pre-destined only death and life is. Go back to Descartes essay on free will.

      • Just – in – time choice. Things change a lot ,used to think they were predestined ;-)But after a long

      • If that’s what you believe and it keeps you going then hold on to that thought.

        While we are free as you say to make a choice, we’ve already made it, however it’s understanding why that makes life interesting.

        All choices are already chosen, we just don’t know why yet.

      • So then you believe in an imperfect creator who predestine some of us for a major disaster..Creator who enjoys looking on dehumanization? Who designed monstrous people or killers?…What for then?To have some thrill?

      • I never said that, you assumed.

        Who’s to say if we were created that we are the product of the almighty?

        After all, the devil was once an angel.

      • I thought you were defending that statement you made earlier, didn’t feel the speculative tone. Good to discuss from different perspectives indeed.

      • That’s because you were thinking through your ego and not a wider perspective. We all have to see things from as far away as possible, the closer we are to something the less we will see.

      • Hahaha that’s why I wrote this whole conversation but seems needlessly as u kind of make me closed minded which I am not. Was only throwing possibilities. You also gotta look not through ego ,it’s always easy to give advice then implement one huh?;-)

      • Again, I never said that, you assumed. That is why I say you’re think though the ego, your replied are aligned with a typical reaction of it.

        Everyone is free to think what ever they so desire, simply because thoughts don’t align it doesn’t mean they need to be elaborated upon.

      • Yes but philosophy is not a statement if u read more ,then u will see that every theory has to be attacked to avoid falsification and you think that a discussion we are having comes from my ego and that I ,,defend,,my views…But I only try to come with contrary thoughts as to push you towards more pronounced opinion; -) The art of philosophy my dear blogger.Be well!and don’t be stuck with your own opinions too;-)

      • Essentially you’re wanting people to believe as you do then, this not making that philosophy but conformance.

        I never proclaimed to be a philosopher, I am merely me, just are you are merely you. Neither of us will change the world and when we are dead and gone no one will remember us. Why take ourselves so seriously when in the end it doesn’t matter, so long as we are content with life.

      • Nope,I just write on a different perspective not wanting you to subdue this way of thinking neither I said that it is what I think;-)You also fell the trap of ego there?Or judgement maybe?;-) If there is no reason to change the world for you …so why u get up every morning. .?

      • It is what ,how and what is really behind the words.Why to get up?why Martin Luther King got up?because he thought that slavery is predestined? …

      • I do not know why he got up. Though I suspect he felt it was his destiny to break the chains of the past, so to speak.

        He was a great man, yet like many great men he became a martyr because of the destructive path of human nature and it’s unwillingness to understand or change.

      • Martyr stuff is a deep…sh….I am not into this discussion I am afraid my thoughts might be apolitical.

      • Martyr is a dumbheaded freak who wants to die and he thinks he will change anything, MLK wasn’t a martyr because he didn’t know some psycho will attack.He is an unfortunate victim of violence

      • An unwilling martyr then it would seem. In any endeavour of such magnitude the risks are known, thus showing his bravery.

        People who truly try to change the world immediately push crosshairs on their backs unfortunately.

      • Me and my ego are a great couple.Ying young, I listen to him and he listen to me also;-) I advise you to enfriend your ego too πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

      • My ego is aligned with my logic. Gut feeling as some call it is what I live by, ego simply helps make the logical choice. My ego died a long time ago, now I simply choose when to use it.

        After all, our real personality is not what we think it is.

      • Yes some things may just be predestined, big things like that you born in certain family and in preset geographic location…that u cannot change.But I think majority of small decisions are then given to us to create our little story..It’s like a big test:live humanely on what’s around you or fail.

  2. but you try to give an excuse to darkness and devil in a way…yet again I don’t think we shall accept what is unacceptable. Nobody is bad from a core, everything can be changed with a right approach.

    • Excuse? Not really, more a simple acceptance. You can never have one without the other, the universe demands balance. The history of the world can attest to that.

      • Balance does not include creating harm and accepting what’s not ethical.If you accept then you become equally dark…It is easy to pick few phrases and melt them into whatever but does that makes sense. .?

      • It does make sense, however balance is balance and it does include creating harm as you so put it. How do animals survive in the wild? Depending on the animal they hunt and kill (cause harm) to other animals.

        I Like your outlook on life, however from butter experience there is and always will be a pattern to life that is hard to deny.

      • Human is not an animal we don’t eat other human (only some minor cannibalism in some parts of the world, which shows its detrimental effect in prion disease),we have brain to logically design a nice nutritious meal and consume enough to be full. We can plant,grow, feed the animals …I have never seen a hyena feeding their pray.;-)All logic ,thanks to it we are where we are. We don’t need to become bunch of hyenas and attack other human beings nor the way they live.

      • We are animal though, just as a cow, dog, cat or crocodile. They are simply different species of animal. We are no different.

        I agree, we have evolved yet when all the options are exhausted we turn on each other without hesitation.

        Our history has been filled with great people who exude humility but that that in itself still didn’t save them from the savage truth of the world.

      • History of the world shows nothing but a detrimental effect of wrongdoing, always shows that peace brings more than a war.

      • Whichever phrase suits you better to melt in into the context ,can be subjugation.It doesn’t decrease it’s power of transformation and progress it brings when applied.

      • Subjugation isn’t something that comes from peace.It comes from violence of ANY form.Violence gives rise to war

      • I can see u try to apply historicism but that method is faulty and one- directional in its limiting captivity.Ok that’s enough of spamming your blog with my philosophical approaches to such statements πŸ˜‰ I better kick myself to write on my blog 😊.Peace be with youπŸ˜†πŸ˜ˆβœŒπŸ˜‡

      • I merely see things as they are, no more and no less. I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe not would I wish you to see them because no matter how we hope for change we can only be what we are.

        Peace is the pinnacle and there are many ways to reach it but in the end the view is always the same.

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