How they stand above us so

High and mighty

Not one fault to show.

How they stand above us now

Looking down

No smiles only scowls.

How they stand above us alone

On top a pedestal

Greed is all they’ve shown.

How they stand above us no more

Fallen from grace

Now it’s time to settle the score.


It’s hard to know what the stories of others really are from just a glance because you just don’t know.

There are those who look as if they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, those with a menacing glare, those with a welcome smile and many who just don’t care.┬áIf you know the theories of body language, psychology and how they’re meant to be linked than you can make educated guesses but you can still never be sure.

As I watch all these people walk by I have not clue of anyones intentions, thoughts, motives or history. We felt that we’re an excellent judge of character with deductive skills above that of everyone else, that doesn’t change the reality though that we have as much chance of being right as we do of being wrong.

I know what I see in the mirror but I wonder what people know when they see me.