Some write for money, other for fame. I write because I want to, do we really need another reason other that than?

I have seen a lot of people start off that way. Writing for themselves, carefree and simply using a blog as a way to vent their frustration and share their story for anyone polite enough to listen, then they change. Eventually the likes mount up and while they are nice it can start to corrupt what a blog was intended for. A persons thoughts.

We all need a place to vent, mine is here.

Where’s yours?

All the Treasure

In those silent nights I lay wide awake

Thinking off everything I forgot

Perhaps that would have made the difference

Perhaps not.

Do you lay awake in the same way

Unable to dream

But still smiling

Love is a fools errand it would certainly seem.

If I could have given you the world

All the treasure

All the gold

The happy ending from the stories you were told

Would that have been enough for you to love me?