I thought that after the lights went out everything would be okay, I thought it would all go away and I could escape to my place of peace and serenity, but…

I was wrong.

It seems I am being followed to the realm of the ether by the waking nightmare now as well. There does not seem to be an off switch, I lay asleep but yet still fully conscious and aware of every agonising second the passes by, what a pain in the ass.

Life is ever decreasing. I block everything out, all the sounds, all the emotion and feeling, everything.

The presence of such dullard Qi’s was once tolerable but not anymore, not when so much concentration is used to keep a stable mind and bury the endless amount of frustration and the complete ineptitude of the people I am forced to wait on.

I see so many eyes that are screaming for connection but I can’t bring myself to even rise conversation anymore. I need to venture inward and kick my own ass out of this mindset, if I stay here much longer I won’t last much longer.

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