No Words

I Think the worst place anyone can be is trapped in their own head. Some will believe it’s nothing more than over thinking, when in reality it’s the complete opposite.

Silence. There is nothing but silence because you simply don’t know what’s wrong, all that’s there is indescribable feelings that won’t manifest in to words and the result is madness.

It’s days like today that show you just how much deeper you can sink in to it all.


Today I read something that annoyed me a fair bit.

It started off with some understanding of the situation it was describing and then came the punch line. This person had suffered for all of 6 weeks…

6 weeks..

Well I’m in no position judge how bad their situation was but for it to be over in such a short time means the word they are using to describe it does not mean what they think it means. All they are doing is going for the pity approach so that people will play with them and say how strong they are after facing such troubles.

This really hit a nerve, I’m not entirely sure why, the answer hasn’t presented itself to me yet. I just can’t believe the audacity of some people because the funny thing is you don’t ever think anything is wrong, you assume every thinks that way but this was nothing more than a popularity stunt.

Ugh, people these days.