Sometimes we do what we can, yet it still feels like we fall woefully short of what is desired of us.

I spend a lot of time on my own these days but it’s not such a bad thing, it does give one plenty of time to think, but when you start to play your life over in your head you can see all the choices you’ve made and how they’ve not only affected you but also how the ripples spawned outward and caught others in your choice.

As we grow up we’re taught to think about the consequences of our actions, in reality though we only think about how we’re feeling in that exact moment and the initial outcome of that choice. I doubt there are many who think about the ripples they will cause once they throw their stone.

When I think back I can see who was caught and what it meant to them, however the past is the past, we can’t change it and therein lies the problem. Too may times we think to ourselves “If it was different..” when int reality it couldn’t have been any other way, if it was then it wouldn’t be what it was and you would never have known.


Maybe one day it will all make sense, perhaps we will truly gain the foresight we speak of, or rather we claim to have. It’s an interesting concept I will give it that, but in reality there can only be what is, what was and what will never be. The only difference is the latter you will never know because it didn’t happen, nor was it ever going to happen.

So much for foresight.

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