That Man

The way he looked at me was filled with hate, malice and loathing.

I can’t hold it against him, especially after the events that happened all that time ago. While he was only given selective facts and certain information was warped and distorted to put me in the darkest frame, I still can’t blame him for the way he feels.

He was unaware that I had seen him. Probably for the best as it allowed any unpleasantries to be avoided, though I wouldn’t have stopped them. I would have just let him take out his anger and frustration in what ever way he saw fit, after all, it’s only the blood of mine that he could spill.

As I sit here and survey my surroundings I see lots of different faces today some are old, other young but all with their own unique stories.

This place… This town. It’s akin to one of the rings of Dante’s Inferno. The more people walk around it the further it descends. The longer I am here the more bitter and twisted I hear people become, their words are filled with spite and manipulation so that they can get what they want.

Being able to see people playing their games is amusing, but it’s not without it’s concerns. I can see one who seeks revenge for how he has been besmirched. He seeks to get  back at her thought her close friend. We play so many games just to get even… What a sad place this is.

I doubt her fathers path and mine will cross again, but I can be assured that he will undoubtably report back what he saw and how he would have acted given different circumstances.

What a life.

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