What is the soul?

Why do we exist?

Where does this need to answer these complex questions come from when in reality know that there is no answer.

So  many questions and no one to answer them. So many times have I sat and thought, going around in circles through all the facts and everything that I know only to be unable to come to a solid conclusion. Everything else falls neatly in to place, but there is that one piece that just doesn’t fit amongst it all.

I knew the rules, I understood what I was supposed to do but I didn’t… I couldn’t. I was compelled to say, compelled to fall in the fray.

We could ask a thousand times, in a thousand different ways but each time there will only be silence because that’s all there ever can be, but even so, the last piece still doesn’t fit and that’s what is a struggle to understand.

The tears may be held back, but they can still be seen. The skin flushes with colour and the breathing hastens as the heart beats faster and faster, this is a look that can’t be faked but I don’t know why I am still greeted with this look after all the pain I’ve caused, after everything it never changes…. That’s the piece that never fits.

Unanswerable questions, this are the kind that are best forgotten.


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