Fix You

Over the years I’ve noticed a trend.

People gravitate towards those who they seem to feel need fixing. They think that they can fix them and put their broken pieces back together, while this is a nice notion the reality is not quite that easy.

Once something is broken it can’t be fixed. Not properly anyway.

A great many people have tried to fix the apple of their eye over the years and each time they have failed. Why? Because people don’t want to be fixed. People don’t want the broken pieces put back together, they simply want to move forwards in anyway they can.

I can’t say I’ve ever tried to fix people, only help them let go and move on with a deeper perspective and in return the see that they should repay the debt by trying to fix my broken pieces but it never happens.

To those who stumble across this post I urge you not to try and fix people, just let them be. They can never be fixed, nor should they be. We grow in to who we are meant to be by being broken and casting off those parts that never really mattered. That’s why no one can be fixed.