I am not a religious man but I find some of the scripture in the bible to be quite refreshing, though it’s somewhat poetic irony really. Take this quote for example;

“He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”

Is anyone ever really without sin?

We like to think of ourselves as magnanimous when in reality we are uncharitable.

There are those who expect quarter for their choices but will show you none when it comes to yours. I find there are lots of people in my life like this and it saddens me because none would ever admit to the faults they exude.

I am not a perfect person. I have caused much pain, perhaps that is why I have been made to suffer so much love these last few years, maybe they are the beginning of my penance for all the choices I have knowingly or rather, selfishly made to appease my primal needs, desires and greed. Who knows, but it doesn’t make life easy.

To sit and watch people inflict harm not themselves in the form of their choices might be the most frustrating part of being alive, but regardless of that it’s still their choice and they are the ones who must suffer the consequences. What gets under my skin is when people make choices knowing the likely outcome and then try to place the blame on anything and everything else for how they feel. Much like deliberately hitting ones hand with a hammer, you know it’s going to hurt yet you still decide to do it, then proceed to complain about the pain, this is madness.

I have a friend who seeks answers that aren’t there and constantly causes their own pain. Another old face lost something to the seedy underworld of addiction and has followed suit and dabbled in it too, one more lives a life where they are not happy but is afraid of having nothing so stays unhappily existing in that life then there is the last, the one who refuses to change because of comfort and the old adage of “Better the devil you know…” all good people but all in denial.

What of me?

I’m the worst. I will cast the first stone not because Ia m free of sin but because I am surrounded by it. I accept it and know that it will always be apart of life, while I wish to be altruistic in a great many things my reality is far from that, but at least it’s my reality.

We all have a choice, it’s accepting that we are the cause of our own suffering because of our choice that’s what we need to be ready for.