They Never Listen

People never listen and as a result cause their own problems and wonder why no one cares when they are told to suck it up.

I find myself surrounded by these people. It drives me insane that they refuse to listen, especially when it’s in their best interests.

There have been many an occasion when I’ve been told that I’ve written something that’s caused offence, pain or worse, all comments from people who knew better than to look. 

Why do I wrote what I do on here? So that it doesn’t stay festering in my mind, that’s why. I will write what I want, when I want and I will be cold in the grave before I censor myself for the benefit of other people. 

I find myself very remorseless when it comes to people doing what I’ve advised them against, however it is their choice. Much like hitting your own hand with a hammer, it’s going to hurt but it’s your choice so if you do it don’t come crying afterwards because the years are self inflected.

It just proves the point that I’m better off alone. It’s far less hassle. 

I think it’s time to properly shut down from it all now, I’ve had enough of people who are free to make their own decisions but criticise me for mine. 

Yea… Silence. That’s the answer.