Horrors of Humanity

Today I witnessed something truly barbaric. A group of thugs held a man down, one straightened out one of his legs while the other took a sledgehammer overhead. I couldn’t look away no matter how hard I tried, all that kept running through my head was what people would do this, then in the blink of an eye the hammer cam crashing down and snapped his leg in two…

It was a disgusting site, but not being content with destroying only one leg the an grabbed the helpless victims second leg, still unable to look away I watched a repeat of the first. It’s a frightening world we live in.

Why did this ¬†happen to this young man? I have no idea but I’m certain that his life will never be the same again now.

They group left him bloodied and broken in a pool of his own blood. They walked away and the mob surrounding them did nothing to stop them, in fact they all watched on with what can only be described as a sadistic enjoyment as this is considered a normal part of their culture.

Did he deserve it? Maybe or maybe not, but regardless it’s still barbaric when you don’t know the full details as to why it has happened. This man could have been a child molester, in which case people would say he got off lightly, however he could have been a simple shop thief, in which case this is excessive but for all I know he could have been a complete innocent who they just chose to make an example of. I will never know.

Finally the video came to an end. People wonder where all the fear of other people comes from, but when you see videos like this shared on social media is there any surprise?

I long ago lost my faith in people, but this triggered something in me. Anger, rage, hatred, malice… All my negative emotions became aroused after watching it, if a simple video can evoke this sort of response in someone like me then I pray those with prejudice don’t have the chance to see it as this will only cause more problems.

In our modern world we are meant to accept other people culture, but considering acts like this are common practice in some places would it really be wise to accept and invite it in to our homes?

Will there be a line drawn in the sand or will it be drawn in blood…