The streets are quite today, funny considering halloween was last night. The current visage before me resembles that of Silent Hill. Filled with a fog that has descended and now shrouds the roads before me.

You would expect this style of scene to be best suited to the twilight hours but monsters don’t come out at night, despite what you might have heard in popular film culture.

I’ve been wandering around for a good few hours now with no real purpose or destination, I’m simply wandering because I can. It’s my chosen way to clear my head yet¬†I’ve still ¬†foreboding feeling that I will be right in my predictions of the days yet to pass, after all, life wouldn’t be any fun if it was easy all the time. It would be nice every once in a while though…

The Problem

The problem with men is they want what they haven’t got because they think it will make them happy.

The problem with woman is they want to get one up on everyone else because they want to feel revered and respected.

Men are ruled by greed.

Woman are ruled by pride.

The more time I spend on this earth I learn things I wish I hadn’t, that’s my problem.